Two Different African Dances

Africa is a continent of cultural diversities. Socially, dances play an important role in African communities. While some of these African dances narrate stories, some teaches moral values and social etiquette. Here is a video of two different African dances that I came across while I was in Uganda.

October was slightly moist with moderate climate in Uganda. Though Jinja was never a new place for us to explore, we were sure to experience something new each time we visited the farthest known source of the river Nile. Unexpectedly Jinja was cool and calm with less tourists that day. We returned with an idea of revisiting Bujagali on our way back to Kampala.

Kampala was almost 85 kilometers west to Jinja, but our decision was to travel around 12 kilometers north to experience the ripples on River Nile called Bujagali Falls. Bujagali Falls is famous for white water rafting and other sporty adventures.

As we reached the banks of river Nile at Bujagali, we could listen the rhythmic beats on traditional drums and teeny music from the woodwind instruments. We were witnessing a wonderful fundraising show by a few school students, and that was the first time I experienced any form of African dances in Uganda.

A boy with swifter feet and flexible body led the troupe while his friends followed his steps. The crowd cheered the dancers and those drummers who played beats to guide their steps. Nile splashed waters over the rock and tried to reach the lands as if to glee the hoofers. Bujagali was cherished with the music and the steps of school children that evening.

The second dance performance was by a group of Burundi drummers at Speke Resort at Munyoni in Kampala. They played on large drums and energetically moved their legs and hands. That was my second experience of African dances in Uganda. Speke Resort was hosting Miss India Uganda that evening and Burndi Dancers were putting up a show during that event.

The two different African dances in the video here shows the beauty of African flexibility and timing.

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