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Uganda Travel Guide: When a country is nicknamed as ‘Pearl of Africa,’ it has to be really admirable, right? Uganda, the landlocked nation in east Africa is the one which has bagged this title from none other than Winston Churchill. With its thick green cover, Uganda has been a darling of Hollywood movies in the past.

Uganda is a nation which has battled with many atrocities in the past few decades. But today, Uganda is back in action, attracting scores of tourists. The beautiful landscape is a mixture of snowcapped mountains, serene lakes and impenetrable forests. Rwenzori Mountains, the tallest mountain ranges in Africa, mesmerize tourists with the priceless beauty of glaciers. If you want to get close to the big names of jungle, head to Murchison Falls National Park. Here you can encounter every prowler, lion, leopard or cheetah.

♦ Uganda is a country visited by Jey & Key

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Basics: Uganda Travel Guide

Capital of Uganda: Kampala

Currency: Ugandan shilling

Largest city: Kampala

National language(s): English, Swahili.

Major destinations of Uganda: Bwindi National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Kampala, Entebbe, Jinja, and Rwenzori Mountains.

Best time to visit Uganda: Uganda being a wildlife attraction, the best time to watch wildlife is during the dry season (from June to August and from December to February)

Uganda is also home to the fast disappearing breed of mountain gorillas. Lake Victoria, the second largest freshwater lake in the world, is Uganda’s prized possession. The lake has a number of beautiful islands sprinkled across its length and breadth. Even history buffs have things to feast their eyes on, when they are in Uganda. Kasubi tombs, the burial site for ancient kings of Buganda, is a protected UNESCO site. A sure shot attraction for those who love to dwell on the past!

So take a break from the regular tourist haunts and walk off the beaten path. A place like Uganda will give you a lifetime of memories.