Why Visit Munnar?

India is a country with varied colors and landscapes. In this country you will experience hot and baking deserts, freezing snow mountains, and rejuvenating beaches. If you travel the whole stretch of 3,214 kilometers from the northern end of India to the southern tip, you will change all that you had in mind for India. When you travel to the south, there lies a small state called Kerala that is blessed with natural beauty. Kerala is hot and extremely humid during the summer days, at least when you are in Kochi or other similar low lands. Munnar was discovered by English rulers of India as one of the summer vacation spots. Well, there are many other summer destinations in India, and then why visit Munnar?

Why Visit Munnar?

Why Visit Munnar?

Munnar (Munnar Town) is a hill station located in the southern India at an altitude of 5,200 feet above sea level. The name that originated from Moonu (Three) aaru (Rivers) hosts three beautiful rivers through the valleys of western ghats. Munnar is popular among adventure trekkers, nature lovers, casual travelers, and also honeymooners.

Reason 1: The tea plantations
Munnar Tea Gardens: Why Visit Munnar?
Munnar Tea Plantations

A charming hill station that earned its fame through the beautiful tea gardens; that is Munnar. At a height of 8,000 ft above sea level, Munnar offers one of the highest organic tea gardens through Kolukkumalai. The fresh breeze, the stunning views of western ghats, and the clouding fogs are sure reasons to inspire any nature lovers to this hill station.

Reason 2: Beyond Kolukkumalai – Meeshapulimala
Meeshapulimala: Why Visit Munnar?
Meeshapulimala. Courtsey @ Tripadvisor

Adventure, but not a risky one; when you are in Munnar and having your trek to Meeshapulimala, you are having an adventure sport that is not so dangerous. A trek to this second highest peak in Kerala will obviously be an enthralling experience with fogs and clouds forming a bed of puffy wonders below your feet. Before you start your journey to this unique spot in Munnar, learn more about the place and the formalities.

Reason 3: Nature at its pristine shape

Neelakurinji Why Visit Munnar
Neelakurinji @ Munnar Hills

Hillocks, tea gardens, rivers, springs and waterfalls, forests, and what else? Munnar is a paradise for nature lovers. Selecting a suitable home stay in the midst of tea gardens or in between some of the tallest trees in the country will surely tickle your story telling mood. Take a walk through the cardamom plantations in search for the springs that can offer you the best mineral waters on Earth.

More than all, Munnar hills are so special for the botanists who love experiencing the unique life cycle of Neelakurinji flowers. The blue blankets of Neelakurinji flowers will be spread on Munnar Hills once in every twelve years.

Reason 4: Wildlife sanctuaries

Explore some of the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in Munnar to learn about 17 mammals, 11 Birds, 7 Butterflies, and many flora that are endemic to western ghats. Nilgiri Tahr, Nilgiri Marten and White Bellied Shorting are easy to spot at Eravikulam National Park. You will also see plenty of Kerala Laughing Thrush in Munnar.

Reason 5: Enjoy some boating

Speed Boat Ride @ Madupetty
Speed Boat Ride @ Madupetty

You must be already in a mood to explore Munnar. If still you have the same question why visit Munnar, here is the fifth reason for you.

Munnar has two damn which are easily accessible. Though there are several small reservoirs in Munnar, the two dams, Madupetty dam and Kundala dam, have wonderful opportunities to enjoy ordinary motor boating and speed boating. This way you will also get a closer view to the dam, its natural surroundings, and if lucky, enjoy spotting a few wildlife.

With all these reasons, if we answered your question ‘why visit Munnar’, read our Munnar Destination Guide before packing for your trip.







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