Why visit Uganda on a long awaited holiday?

Holidays are definitely the time to get out of the monotonous daily grind and explore lands far off. How about visiting the offbeat destination, Uganda, on your next holidays? Before you start thinking, why visit Uganda of all places, let me remind you that this quaint African country had been named ‘the pearl of Africa’ by none other than Winston Churchill. Now, doesn’t that change your perspective? Let us delve deep to find how Uganda tourism is finding its foothold.

Why visit Uganda My First Impressions of Uganda

Top tourist attractions in Uganda

This land locked African nation is abundant in natural beauty in diverse forms. From snow-capped mountains and beautiful lakes to amazing wildlife, destinations in Uganda are waiting to be explored.

1. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Why visit Uganda - Bwindi National Park
A Young Mountain Gorilla – Bwindi National Park

A sure shot answer to the question, why visit Uganda, has to be-to watch the spectacular national parks. Bwindi National Park, prominent among these, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Name of the park gives you a rough idea about what you can expect. Yes, it so dense with trees that it can be explored only on foot. The Park boasts of hundreds of species of mammals, reptiles, birds and butterflies. Critically endangered species of mountain gorillas are also spotted here. Gorilla tracking is a highlight of the park and is one of the top attractions in Uganda.

2. Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Rwenzori Mountains
Rwenzori Mountain Range

Rwenzori National Park, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, stands apart due to its picture perfect pearl-white beauty. Glaciers, lakes and waterfalls add a mystic charm to the locale. Trekking to the summit of Rwenzori peaks is one of the best things to do in Uganda. In course of the trek to top, you get to experience nature in all beauty and diversity. Typical rain forests, bamboo forests, rock beauty, and diverse wild life- all on the way to the top. Once on top, it’s the breath-taking beauty of snow everywhere.

3. Queen Elizabeth National Park

A Tree Climbing Lion of Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda
A Tree Climbing Lion in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda

Another pride of Uganda tourism is Queen Elizabeth National Park. The Park is largely comprised of savanna or grasslands. Noted for bio-diversity, this is the place where you can spot the majestic ‘king of jungle’ prowling around or climbing trees. Lots of action await enthusiastic adventurers, be it forest walks, chimpanzee tracking or game driving. This place is the perfect answer for the doubt, why visit Uganda.

4. Kasubi Royal Tombs

Key at Kasubi Tombs
Key at Kasubi Tombs

Another World Heritage Site, the Royal Tombs are located near the capital city, Kampala. This site was the burial ground for ancient Buganda kings and four of the royal family were buried in this historical place. What makes these tombs one of the top destinations in Uganda, is the intricate architectural designs of the tombs. As the place holds religious significance, dressing etiquettes are to be followed while visiting. Get an insight into the customs and traditions of Buganda tribes from this heritage site. Another answer for the question why visit Uganda, right?

5. Lake Victoria

A Vivid View of Lake Victoria
A Vivid View of Lake Victoria

Africa’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Victoria is one of the top attractions in Uganda. The lake offers lots of activities for tourists. If you want to see the origin of River Nile, head to Jinja close to Lake Victoria. Or indulge in some chimpanzee feeding at Ngamba Island. Ssese Islands on Lake Victoria is the ideal place for lazing around by the waterfront.

Five reasons if you are still doubting, why visit Uganda

If the listing of amazing destinations in Uganda has not helped to clear your mind, a little bit of thinking and reasoning might help in putting things in right perspective.

  • Love for the untrodden path: There are many of us who would love to get a break from run-of-the-mill places while holidaying. Have you had enough of the usual destinations? Head to the amazing country, Uganda. There are lots of things to do in Uganda, like safaris, jungle walks, chimpanzee spotting, mountain trekking and a lot more. For all those who love to walk the untrodden path, Uganda is the ideal destination.

  • For the adventure thirsty: All adventure enthusiasts out there, this is your opportunity to get an action packed holiday. Love to explore the dark side of the wild, surrounded by untamed creatures on all four sides? Or brave the cold and climb atop the snow bearing peaks? There is no better place than Uganda. Once you visit Uganda, you will never again ask the question, why visit Uganda of all places?

  • Warm people: When you travel to a place, the culture and cordiality of the people touches you a lot. If you find a warm welcome instead of cold stares, you at once feel at home. This is one thing that puts destinations in Uganda on top of African tourism. The friendly, fun loving people of Uganda are proud of their nation and leave no chance to make a good impression on the foreign visitors.

  • Unspoilt nature at its best: Uganda is all about natural beauty and lush greenery. If your plan for holiday is to get away from concrete jungles and move on to some real jungles, Uganda is just the place to be. All attractions in Uganda are blessings from Almighty, and not man-made. National Parks and game reserves of the country are fascinations for all nature lovers.

  • Pocket friendly holiday: Head to Paris, New York or some other city of the kind. By the time you reach back home, you will be half bankrupt. No such dangers with Uganda tourism. A trip to Uganda will not burn a hole in your pocket. At the same time, it promises as much fulfilment as an expensive trip. Doesn’t that mean more fun for less price? No more reasons to ask, why visit Uganda.

  • Getting in and around, no hassles: As Uganda has an international airport with decent connectivity to many African, European and Asian countries, travel to Uganda is no major worry. Inside the country also, there are options ranging from the famous bicycle taxis commonly known as boda-bodas, to buses and trains.

There was a time when most African nations were looked upon with a frown by the tourist circles. Things have changed over time. Today Uganda is holds a prominent place in world tourist map. Travel once to this unspoilt beauty and you will not regret.

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