A Window to UAE Tourism

Mention of UAE is sure to send an image of haughty high-rises to the minds of most people. But United Arab Emirates is not just about shopping and skyscrapers. There is a side to it which, though popular among tourist circles, has remained hidden from many eyes. UAE is equally proud of its natural beauty as it is of the advanced civilization. Let us explore UAE tourism and dissolve the myth that it is only for urban chic.

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Burj Khalifa, the tallest of all

Burj Khalifa - Pride of UAE Tourism
Burj Khalifa – Pride of UAE Tourism

All said, when it comes to attractions of United Arab Emirates, it is a skyscraper indeed, which stands tall in the first position. Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the whole world, does not need an introduction. The building has tall claims to many number one spots. The tallest freestanding structure, highest observation deck, elevator with longest travel distance, all bagged by the one and only Burj Khalifa. So hop on to the high speed elevator and reach the top of the world. Enjoy the view from the top and acknowledge the excellence of UAE tourism.

Hajar Mountains for wilderness

Coming back to earth, Hajar Mountains is an important occupant of UAE travel guide. This is the trip which helps you realise that UAE has nature’s bounties also aplenty. A seven hour drive from Dubai is needed to reach here. Winding roads with deep canyons and valleys on both sides is something that stays in your memories for long. Hiking, trekking, bird watching, nature lovers will find everything they ask for on Hajar Mountains that UAE tourism boasts on.

Bastakia, the old city

Al Bastakiya Dubai
Al Bastakiya Dubai

Bastakia in Dubai is an integral part of Dubai tourism. This is the only remnant of old Dubai, which was home to wealthy Persian traders. The place is a gateway to Arabian architecture. Museums in the region allow tourists to enter old homes and study their typical interiors. Here you also find the Wind Towers, the earliest form of air conditioning. Wind trapped in the tower was funnelled to the houses to provide relief from extreme heat. Wise old people they were, right? Grab a UAE travel guide to find more about Bastakia.

Desert safari

Go to UAE and not try desert safari? It’s just not possible. Desert safaris are one of the major attractions of United Arab Emirates. Cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi act as base for these safaris. Deserts are thrilling by their sheer vastness. Miles and miles of sand, with nowhere to hide. Enjoy some sand dune bashing or sand skiing. Some safaris come with overnight stays also. You can go by a four wheel drive or on camel back. It is up to tourists whether they trust four wheels or four legs!

Dhow cruise on Dubai creek

Dubai Creek
Dubai Creek

Dubai city is the most prominent on UAE travel guide, so attractions in Dubai have caught more attention. An attraction on which Dubai tourism thrives is the cruise ride along Dubai creeks. Sunset cruise is the best to catch the city in all night splendour. A boat ride with the entire city twinkling on both sides as if to welcome you into its folds, those are moments to cherish with your loved ones.

Beaches for everyone

UAE is famed for its splendid beaches. Cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi have flourishing tourism along the coasts. Dubai tourism owes a lot to its beaches.

  • Jumeirah beach in Dubai is a favourite haunt of residents of the city as it has lots of facilities, mostly for kids. Those wishing to spend some happy moments with family head to this beach on weekends.

  • Ajman beach is a lesser known beach and so is less crowded than others. Are you the kind to shy away from bustling crowds? This is the place for you. Relax and enjoy with no one to break your chain of reveries.

  • What is a beach without water fun? Kite beach is the perfect spot where you get to try out some paddle boarding or kite surfing.

With such assortment of beaches, no wonder they are written in bold letters in UAE tourism guide.

Museum of Islamic civilization

If you are in the land of Islam, learn something about the religion. Islamic civilisation museum in Sharjah is ideal for this. Religious tourism in United Arab Emirates has its roots in Islam. This museum displays several ancient Islamic manuscripts and religious texts. Though they are written in Arabic, the excellent information board helps visitors understand each and every item showcased.

Sheikh Zayed mosque for religious fervor

Sheikh Zayed mosque
Sheikh Zayed mosque

Sheikh Zayed mosque located in Abu Dhabi is the epitome of modern Islamic architecture. This colossal mosque offers worshipping facilities to more than 40,000 people at a time. Unlike many other mosques, this one is open to tourists even if they are non-Muslims. The floral designs inlaid with precious stones will give an idea of the wealth and affluence of the nation.

Shopping spree in Dubai mall

When you travel to Emirates, shopping will invariably be in your mind. Dubai is renowned as shoppers’ paradise. Dubai mall is one of the attractions of United Arab Emirates. The mall provides entry to Burj Khalifa. With ice-skating rink, gaming zones and world’s famous food joints, it is full-on fun in Dubai mall. Pay a visit even if you are no shopaholic, just for the lively atmosphere?

A Little More About UAE Tourism

UAE, a frontrunner in tourism

UAE is a noted destination for tourists as it has something for everyone. From shopping malls to deserts and beaches, it appeals to all, whether solo or with family. Hotels are also available in all forms and all places. Whether you want a beach hotel or desert resort, there are options waiting for you. As Dubai finds lots of tourists flocking every holiday season, it is better to plan in advance to avoid last minute hurry.

Emirates easy to reach

UAE has international airports in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. With daily flights operating to more than 100 countries, you can reach Emirates from any part of the world. Grab a UAE tourism guide and it will throw some light on the visa rules for the country.

UAE is definitely a top ranking tourist destination. Add to your sweet memories with the wonderful trip.

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